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Default Fake Al Fakher, what to do?

Hey all,

Bought some strawberry AF the other week, and was a little dubious of it at the time and now have concluded that it was fake stuff due to the lack of any real flavour and that the box was sealed in a cheap way, no AF banding and the tub had no handle . everything other than that was spot on however. The other AF I've had (100% genuine ######## and lemon + mint) was actually quite flavoursome when I had worked out how to pack it correctly.

So, the question is..... it smokes ok. Not too tingly on the back of the throat and get decentish clouds. I still have like 200gr of this stuff left. Anything I can do to flavor it up a little? Or should I just use it a little at a time as a filler for other bowls? Or just bin it lol?
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