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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
I agree entirely with this post, mass production leads to lower quality in stems and glass.

Most of my Syrians > My Egyptians, which I know is the exact opposite of Bradedup's experiences, and if you look at our reviews, we are being honest about what we both got.

I understand there are bad Syrians out there, trust me, I'm just glad someone is pointing out egyptians, and this does not save km from this, are in the same boat.
crap is crap, and lots of it makes it here.
I know you have a KM but prefer your syrian but have you compared it to a KM Tri-Metal? I would recommend that you do make this comparison before saying that Syrians are better especially if you can sample the new Al-Zia (I think its called Amerikana on CH). Trust me ive got one and a Solid Nour Syrian which is beautiful but the quality of the KM Al Zia, the design, the way it smokes and its AS hose is so good that at times i forget i even had a Nour Syrian.

As we would say in England; its the dogs bollocks.
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