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Default Re: brands of shisha

Originally Posted by wishdrftr
Originally Posted by HookahMaster
I've been a religious Starbuzz smoker since day one. Their flavors and smoke thickness is second to none in my opinion. I've tried several other "premium" shisha brands, and yet Starbuzz still holds the title of the best! My fellow smokers all say the same as well...
I use about 2 250g tubs a month sometimes more if I get bored. That would be $40+- a month on tobacco. Which honestly doesn't seem like much hmm, now I'm starting to realize that this was a pointless post......maybe I'll start buying starbuzz.....damn....
why spend 40 when you can spend 50 (before shipping heh) and get three 250g tins =o. or buy from the hookah and get 2 tins at 39 dollars NOT 40 *insert scary music here*
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