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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
honestly It doesn't have a huge impact if your hookahs welds are sloppy as long as they are air tight, On things like cars it makes a big diff because of the stress they go through, but with their only perpose being making your hookah air tight its not a big deal... As far as the glass It ussualy only breaks when you drop it or give it thermal shock... Both which even quality glass have issues with, So if you take care of your stuff you shouldn't have to replace the base, but even if you do it ussualy cost around $20-30... with my hookahs it ussualy comes down to the materials you don't want your hookah to rust on you which is why I supose brass it one of the nicest, but the chance of having a weld go on you is slim to none...
i would argue it doesnt impact the rig. messy welds are a sign of either in experience of the person making them or the person not caring which probably means they dont care about the strength, also sloppy welds can allow for more corrosion at those points and/or trap things in the weld that will allow it to break down. as to high quality glass breaking with the same treatment, only if it is more extream. you should not be able to crack glass by thermally shocking it only less than 100* F, most glass should take that easily, where as we are having people who are cracking vases from putting to cold of water in them. as to dropping it and shattering it, only if there was stress built up in the glass from improper annealing will it break easily, look at how hard you can drop a glass out of the cupboard and it not shatter. (also perfect glass would be stronger than steel how ever we cannot have perfect glass, how ever the better the glass is treated throughout working it, which takes little more effort, you can gain very very strong glass)

Originally Posted by ebaygirl View Post
the truth is like every country in the world, there are good manufacturers and then there are the rest.
About the vases many of them are not blown in Egypt but in other Northern European countries.
Actually let me blow this myth out of the forum.
Egyptian hookahs are not 100% Egyptian, different components are made in different countries, metals are brought in from different countries.
Looking down on third world countries, sounds like snobbery. If people didn't buy the hookahs they wouldn't make them, so they can't be all that bad. Many little shops or independent artisan's make KM's and sell them as KM's and they are not.
You have to know your product, therefore you have to buy from a reputable vendor who specializes in that vein of product and yes dare I say it, not from eBay.I just bought Lancome off eBay. Guess what? It wasn't. So it's not third world country doom, it's third world country charm. Personally I would rather live in a third world country, even though I haven't.
i would be rather surprised with there being a lot of glass coming from northern europe of such poor quality since so many of those countries are known for high quality glass (i.e. denmark, czech republic both have high quality glass over all). granted any one can product such a crappy product but between the color (over tone) of the glass and the issues with this glass i find it hard to believe it came from northern europe. most glass that is used by production shops have a slight green tint where as this glass has a more amber yellow tint to it so i expect the batch is made from scratch on the spot with local sand ( not necessarily the reason for lower quality but the chemicals in the sand or other things besides silica can cause issues). the biggest issue though i see with the glass is pure laziness is preparation of it
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