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Default Smoking Pear in a Pear from a Double Pear

Thats right, thats a damn lot of pear.

So here we go:

Lets start off with Tangiers Pear, and some fresh fruit!

Then I realized... wait a minute. Tangiers is supposed to be smoked out of a Tangiers Phunnel Bowl.... and so it begins....

About half way there...

Total Carve Time : about 30 minutes
Shisha Pack Time : about 30 seconds

Heating up the Exoticas :

Pear on a Double Pear :

Twas' actually a really awesome smoke. Tasted great. The Pear Phunnel worked perfect. Got a good hour and a half long smoke out of the thing.

Ill be doing it again, but next time I'll be using pear juice in the base instead of water.
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