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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
I repaired my Daughters Brass Hookah by taking all the solder off and silver soldering the joints muck stronger and more durable bit more expensive than normal solder but found that it forms a better seal and joint than solder and less of a tendency to run as solder is want to do if a piece gets to hot. (used to silver solder the joints on the fronts of my canary cages all the time before having them powder coated)
ya only thing that sucks is with brass you basically have to sand it all down again or super pickle it (50/50 pickle/H202) to get all the copper that comes up to the surface (one of the reasons i dont want to attempt to change or fix anything that doesnt totally need it), and not to mention the whole steel in pickle causing copper plating which would just make more of a mess and cause more cleaning

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