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Default *SIGH* Clicked Submit Order Again!

Another order from ********** Inbound :

6x Exotica Hookah Coal Square Fingers
1x Nakhla 250g : Apple Bahrainy
1x Nakhla 250g : Mizo Guava
2x Nakhla 250g : Sherazade Earl Grey
1x Nakhla 250g : Mizo Apple
1x Nakhla 250g : Orange
1x JM Tobacco 250g : Orange
1x JM Tobacco 250g : Strawberry
1x JM Tobacco 250g : Raspberry
1x Tangiers Noir 250g : Mimon
1x Tangiers Noir 250g : Peach Iced Tea
1x Tangiers Noir 250g : White Grape

Whooooo... Im good to go on coals and shisha for quite some time
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