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Default Re: Metal and Your Hookah.

Great write up. I have bought a few Egyptian hookahs: They have almost all had copper on the interior, which is the worst. One of them I just use for decoration, because its beautiful, but the copper insides do not smoke well.

I've always been a big proponent of stainless steel hookahs. Some people complain of the taste, which perplexes me, but that could be because a lot of "stainless" hookahs are really just plated steel, which if its nickle or chrome, should be fine but the processes if not done well, will leave steel exposed, which will rust.

I love my true stainless hookahs. Ive also thought that titanium would be a great metal to use for hookah smoking. But with the rush to make cheaper hookahs and increase profits, few companies utilize stainless let alone the more expensive titanium.

We at Hobocans definitely want to change that trend. If we want a hookah that will actually last a long time, make sure its true stainless, a very well plated steel (which is hard to tell with out smoking it for 6 months) or, currently unavailable, titanium.
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