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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

None of my Egyptians (I have four) have any issues with glass or leaks at the welds they all smoke very good to excellent, with my 27" Khalil Mamoon having a slight edge, actually my Caravan Hathor is near perfect at the welds it is stunning all over.

my two generic Egyptians are very good with one of them having a couple of small bubbles if you really look hard enough

I have a Mya that leaks at the purge valve at the weld it never purged worth a dam, if I exhale near the hose tip you can see the leak at the valve weld so my two Chinese are dust collectors

I like the Egyptians they work and do whats expected

However I wished the Egyptians would make Hookahs with cruse control and self purging feature, maybe self cleaning or a flush feature
Seriously if I think something is so bad I just don't buy it
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