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Originally Posted by tic-tac View Post
Hi there,

Does anybody know how to prepare a hookah with tumbak? Tumbak is the tobacco with no flavour. Somebody gave as a present tumbak when I asked for molases and I do not know how to prepare it.

Somebody can help? Maybe a video?

First off be sure you know what tombac is. If it has anything that makes it sticky or something other then totally dry it's not tombac. Zaghloul is not tombac. If it looks like a brick and is bone dry it's tombac.

How to set it up.

1) Cut of a chunk about about the diameter of your bowl and twice as high as the depth.

2) soak it in water until it's supple. Typically you'll be looking at 10-15 minutes. Squeeze out as much water as possible out of the leaf.

3) Strip out the stems ( they have tons of nicotine and lend a harsh taste) and throw them out.

4) Tear up about 2/3 the leaf into small pieces and pile it into the bowl saving the bigger bits for the top.

5) When packing the bowl keep it tightly packed.

6) Place a few hot coals on the leaf and once it starts smoldering after a couple of minutes draw on the hose.

7) Move the coals as the leaf burns and brush away the ash.

Notes: It's best to use a tombac bowl but since those are basically impossible to get in the West something broad & shallow with several holes is your best bet. When you draw on the hose keep in mind this isn't some candyish goop like SB so wait about 40-60 seconds between draws, don't inhale just treat it like a cigar or Western pipe. Drink lots of water/tea coffee and smoke only on a full stomach. This stuff is strong but a treat if you forget about the clouds and concentrate on the flavours. If you hoover it you'll get sick.
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