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Default Re: I Am Now A (part time) Resident of Arwad

One thing that surprised me was the lack of hassle involved in the transaction since the Syrian bureaucracy is legendary for making simple matters expensive and time consuming. The utilities are all modern and the neighbors all seem very pleasant. All of the hysterical claims you hear about Syrians being frigid towards foreigners or uninterested in matters not domestic is bull. Even though Arwad is very crowded the streets are safe at night and seemingly everyone is civil which is amazing to an Occidental like myself.

What I really love is that I can smoke on my balcony and my neighbors don't scream abuse or feign ******* bronchitis. Lastly coastal Syria has amazingly nice food, great coffee and tea that is second only to Iranian products. I look forward to heading back and making some repairs when I get the time and getting a bit more of a feel for the place. Looks like I'll be forced to learn a little Arabic although undoubtedly no one will be able to figure out what I am saying. Suppose i'll need to buy a boat and figure out how to use it as well.
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