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Default Fake 3 Kings?

I have been through about 300 LEGIT 3 kings coals (3 boxes x 100) in my time smoking. Generally, when we spark the coal, the coal will spark a little, then turn a nice warm red, and not smell strong or bad..

Recently, I ran out of coal, and the nearest place that sold coal was some random convenience store (albeit, owned by an Arab). He sold us a box of 3 kings (100 coals), but it looked a bit off. My friend pointed out that it did not have the "genuine three kings bla bla bla" cardboard at the bottom of the box.

The coal itself is slightly flatter, and seems more brittle than what we're used to.

AND, now when we light the coal, it engulfs itself in a flame, smells strong, and becomes extremely crumbly/chippy after a while. The smoke is about the same, but it's just annoying to have such a strong burning smell / flaming coal whenever we have a session.

Are these fake 3 kings, or a newer / different 3 kings? I wanna know before I travel accross the city to buy "legit coal" only to find out that 3 kings has changed their recipe! (although I doubt it).

(sorry for lack of pics, my buddy has our 'sheesha bag' atm )
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