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Default Re: The Joys of El Gondoul

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Fairly recently my band Aethereus Now! performed at a benefit concert for the rehabilitation of torture victims with a goodly number of heavy/psych/folksy/interesting bands which resulted in me meeting some cool people like Jeff Ross of Alice's Orb, Richard Mason of Red Chair Fadeaway, some woman that sounded a lot like Shirley Souter and some Spanish band that sounded like Gas Giant. Although the concerts had decent attendance they were marred by some yobs fighting and harassing girls and the money raised was less then hoped for so I guess I was fairly disappointed.

Anyhow, after the music died down some college kids pulled out couple of multi hose narghiles and they were joined after a few minutes by Jeff and one of the Spaniards who had a KM but nothing to smoke in it. The college kids were bitching about how horrible the Soex they were smoking tasted so I went out to my car and grabbed another sandwich, a pack of crisps and box of El Gondoul from under my seat and decided to play Father Christmas.

For those that donít know El Gondoul is a Tunisian product that is basically a mix of Indian style Jurak and Arabic Black moassel. Surprisingly the college kids loved it even though they had only smoked fruity washed junk before. My session that night was of my best ever with great conversation in a room filled with an intoxicating mix of spices and tobacco flavours. Getting two hours worth of smoke from a 2 hose rig without the flavour ever going harsh was simply amazing.

After such a great night all I can say is that fruity washed stuff simply canít compete with quality brands like El Gondoul.

I swear this forum needs a section dedicated to you and your adventures Hajo! I always look forward to your postings of your interesting life!
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