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Question Need Some KM advice!

I recently upgraded from a 20in mod hookah to a 38in KM.. But I was a tad disappointed in the difficulty to get it smoking right.. I know figuring it out and experimenting will take some time but I'd appreciate advice from anyone with experience with these hookahs to make this transition go faster for me. I used a tangiers phunnel bowl, and was smoking Al Fakher lemon mint.. But I was struggling to coax out a decent amount of smoke without harshness. I got decent smoke with 4 coco nara coals, but at that point the shisha burnt so bad I could barely stomach it anymore. Sooo harsh... Ruined my first KM experience.. But with three coals, the taste was fantastic but was lacking the big clouds I was so excited about... Oh, if other menial details matter, bowl was iced, water level about... 1.25 inches above downstem, phunnel bowl scali modded, was smoking with very easy draw.. Yeah, experienced KMer's out there; I'd appreciate your advice!
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