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Default Looking into a new hookah...

My first hookah was a Sahara Smoke Gypsy. At first it was amazing, beat out my friend's KM in flavor, clouds, everything, but now its rusted REALLY bad, and thinking back it was only good for about a month, then it started tasting bad and rusting. I doubt I'll be buying a hookah from them again. So that was a waste of $70. Now im looking for a new one that wont have the same problems, so i dont waste my money again. Anyone know how well this one is?

its brass and stainless so it shouldnt have the rusting problem of my SS, but i was wondering if anyone knew how it smokes? I also like the colors, Im a big Beatles fan and the colors are very psychedelic lol.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'd like to get a new one before i move out for college in about 3 weeks.
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