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Default Re: The Joys of El Gondoul

Yep, it's that stuff in the picture. Lately i've really gotten into El Kif and El Gondoul to the point that they are crowding out DM which I never thought would happen. I think that it never shows up in the states since I never saw it when I was there. I basically mail order mine from Tunisia at a shocking cost.

I am glad you guys like my little (mis)adventures although I haven't written up any of the more outrageous ones and some of my buddies have stories that make mine seem like a day in an office cubicle.

Mike, it's really great to see that someone else knows about Red Chair Fadeaway since they are one of my favorite bands that have a female vocalist. I've also gotten to like Dandelion Wine (Tim Vass's newer band) and Silly Love (which has Souter on vocals) and tripsichord music box when I get nostalgic for stuff that I missed when it was new.

It was super to share the stage with Jeff Ross and finding that college kids from another country liked an old band of mine that never really went anywhere. Life is odd that way.

The aftermath of the show was helped along by homemade small casks of Sula (Lithuanian ale made with Birch sap) and Gira ( a Lithuanian bread ale with almost no alcohol) for the kids that I dragged out. The sense of community sitting around talking to the college kids & Spaniards that shared my passions of narghiles, music and help for torture victims was really amazing. Sorta weird that it happened after the concert just spontaneously but well I suppose that unplanned things can be cool even though they usually aren't.

I hope you guys get to have as nice an evening/night/morn as I did with as much cool music to help it all along.
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