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Default Re: AF 30" Solid Or KM Tri-Metal Or KM Stem ONLY You Decide

Originally Posted by joevincett View Post
Are you saying it doesn't purge as well or as quickly? Who cares how fast a hookah purges, all that matter is that it clears the smoke. I rarely even purge when I smoke anyway.

According to Photolinger it purges fine.
It takes long to purge. The valve, cap, and tube are all restrictive. Drilling the valve and cap makes it better but the tube is still a problem (it's crimped in two different spots).

The KM will flow better because it has wider gauge tubes and less restrictions. The AF is somewhere in between a Mya and a KM but it purges better than a Mya even though it feels more restrictive. If you don't mind that, go with the AF if you like the looks better, which IMO is it's best attribute. *looks over at my AF and waves, "hi there sexy!"*

Also keep in mind the AF medium is not 30" tall, not even with a bowl on there. It's ~28" with a small Tangiers phunnel. It comes with a typical medium base with AF logos not so greatly painted on but the stem will fit larger vases with 2" openings with a size 30 gasket.
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