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Default Getting back into hookah

I am in Iraq. I last smoked hookah, when I lived in Taji, Iraq in Feb-May 2008. I had some medical issues (OK now), and when I left, I gave all my hookahs and supplies away to my Iraqi co-workers. It was easier than shipping all that stuff to the USA, and the Iraqis were grateful.

I worked in Afghanistan Aug 08 thru March 09. I was moving around a lot, and I never got back into hookah.

I arrived in Camp Liberty in June 2009. I will be here for a while, so I am getting back into hookah. There are some hookahs for sale here, but they are mostly "crap", very low quality and high price. The tobacco and coals in the local shop are also very poor quality.

I ordered some items from USA online stores, and I am getting them shipped here, in the APO mail.

It is HOT here now. 114 some days, and the nights are just as bad. But the fall weather is on the way, and the heat will be less severe. My firm installed a "deck" in our living area, and I am going to set up the hookah, and enjoy it here.
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