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Default Re: Just getting into Hookah

Let me make a bit of a clarification here :

Neither Quick Light Coals or Natural Coals are the "Superior" choice. Its up to your own personal preference.

I think many people around here give quicklight coals a bad rep because they mistake them for "Instant" coals that once the vegetable accelerant burns off they just toss it on the bowl, start smoking, and wonder why it tastes like ass.

Quicklights, just like naturals, require a few minutes for the entire coal to reach temperature. If you're using quicklights, after the accelerant has burned off, let the coals sit for a few minutes to heat all the way through. You wont get any flavor or odd scents after that unless the coal is truly of poor quality. I've found ******* Hookah Quicklights and Golden Coal Quicklights to be acceptable choices for when I need them.

Natural coals require some form of external heat source for an extended duration to light. Usually a gas or electric coil stove. Natural coals have no accelerant on them, and will need several minutes of direct heat to light the entire coal from outside to inside. They generally tend to give off no smells while lighting, and some consider them "cleaner" when smoking.

I prefer natural coals as I feel I get a longer duration out of them, they produce better heat, and after smoking for a number of years and becoming aware of nuances in flavor, they have little to no taste.

Quicklights are an excellent choice for someone just starting out, they make it easier to worry about packing your bowl, setting up your hookah, getting comfortable and relaxing, ect. Once you've been smoking for a long time, you'll most likely find you enjoy natural coals better, and wont mind the few minutes they take to light on the stove.

On a side note :

One of my pet peeves around hookahpro is that people think they need to be telling you what you "should use" because it happens to be what they personally use. Read the threads, do some research, experiment on your own. You'll generally get a feel for what products are good, whats mediocre, and whats terrible. Make sure that the number one thing you pay attention to is that YOU enjoy what you're using and smoking. Don't think that something is wrong with you just because you don't like something that someone else loved. If you love quicklight coals and decide naturals arnt for you, thats the way to go, regardless of what anyone else says.

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