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Default Just got my new KM.

It was the double pear stem. But upon it's first light up, I've got some questions about it.

In no way has it really performed like I thought it was going to, and as I am a HookahNoob I'm wondering why. First things first, because to me it seems like a big problem: The purge valve on the stem does not screw in straight, it screws in very lopsided and does more of a spiral motion than straight in (like a nut screwing into a bolt) It's not really supposed to screw in all lopsided like that right? Even when I've got it screwed as tightly as I can get it, I can still blow air into the hookah and purge it.

When I inhale, it also feels very "airy". Feels like the pull shouldn't be as "airy" as this, I've blamed it on this purge valve. I'm also not getting great clouds, you see any video here on HP there's some amazing clouds, not for me. I've got the right set up though, water and ice in the base, hose/bowl/stem are all screwed on as tight as I can get them. I don't think it's an issue with the bowl either, using a Tangier. I've used both 2 and 3 coals and smoked Nahkla everytime. I have read though that I could probably only use 2 and be fine. I'm just not getting the clouds I expected..

Any advice, or other questions on my setup? I really wanna figure out why it's happening, and if the purge valve is indeed messed up I need to give the company a call to see about them getting me a new stem.
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