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Default Re: Just got my new KM.

You know my friend and I actually did pull off the valve and plug the ball bearing and hole. I guess I can't say there was a HUGE difference. I have seen people smoke Nahkla though, and they had some pretty thick clouds. Also heard that it was capable of pulling off pretty nice clouds cause it was drier, though I'm not sure how true that is. I'd've thought that wetter would be thicker.

I know for sure that the foil wasn't hitting the center of the bowl, so I'm confident I had that set up correct. The bowl sitting on the grommet was a little looser than I thought it should be, though I pushed it on really tightly. I'll improvise next time with a strip of moist cloth to try to close any air gap there.

John - I don't have MSN video chat, though I can try to provide pictures or talk you through what's going on with the set up in some way. If you can think of some other way, let me know.
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