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Default Re: Just getting into Hookah

Ive smoked 3 kings 40mm coals for about 2 years now and do love them. Ive just recently bought Hookah Johns ******* Hookah Coals both quick light and Natural lights. I like these coals too. No chemical taste to them at all if you have the QL ******* hookah coals at all if you let them get completely lit. Although everyone seems to be tearing apart QL because of the duration the last, I can only get 30 min tops out of ******* hookah coals while 3 kings I can pull 1 hour every session. 3 kings does have a slight chemical taste to them but is the best quicklight on the market IMO. I will probably be returning to my 3 kings 40mm only because Hookah Johns coals will end up costing too much because I need 2 coals for every bowl I make compared to 1 coal for 3 kings.
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