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Default Re: Ed Hardy Shisha...Seriously?

Originally Posted by TheGirlfriend View Post
You know what. What he did, regardless if you like it or not, was a great business move. He went from just making it to being rich. You would have done the same thing. Yes he is a sell out but who isn't that is famous. All of your mainstream bands. And all of your bands that aren't would love to be. Point is, the man is an artist and all artists want to be famous to some point.
It seems like it's a bit early to see if Ed Hardy shisha is a great business move. If a year or two down the road Ed has booming sales then yeah, we can say it's a big success. Even if it is a success in terms of making money selling crap to trendy idiots with an established brand is hardly anything to be proud of. I don't think Ed is much of an artist but rather a maker of schlock that discovered with enough hype and distribution you can sell lots of overpriced junk to millions of sheeple.

As to band that aren't mainstream wanting to be i'd say that is far from true at times. If a band wants to be commercially successful they would make commercially viable music and act in a way that the music industry finds easily marketable. Bands that don't try to be commercial generally are not interested in commercial success. I recall one band I used to know being offered a big, fat major label deal if they would have a girl in the band slut it up and a get a more rad looking drummer. The band turned them down. A band I was in got offered a pretty good ride from a nearly major label but they wanted to mold our image into something else and re-record our music to make it more heavily produced and sacrifice fidelity. We told them to piss off. Lots of people make the same sort of decision every day. Sometimes the cost getting big bucks is simply too high.
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