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Default Loving the Zaghloul

Just had another bowl of Nakhla Zaghloul and this.. is awesome.
When i was younger and saw hookah's in movies i always imagined the taste you get from it to be something more darker, cozy and warmer.
Surprise surprise when i started with it everything is all fruity and sweet.

Along comes zaghloul a real manly man tobacco no girly fruity flavoring, no nice colours for you to look at when you pack the bowl, no shiny reflective tinfoil to look if your make up is still keeping up or your hair perfectly combed.
something that'l have your friends pulling horrible faces of disgust while you laugh loudly, drink real beer, burp and blow your superior MANbacco in their faces


Anyways !
Who shares the love ?
and are there any other "darker" kinda flavors i should check out (not necessarily unflavoured stuff)

(ps. i still love all the fruit, mint etc flavours )

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