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Default Re: Ed Hardy Shisha...Seriously?

i was concerned with hookahmann's comment as well. i'd hate to lose his respect. if i may from a vendor's pov, we try and carry things that will make us $$$ obviously that's why we are in business. also, we carry a variety so that everyone will shop from us not just a few. now there are standards and lines some vendors won't cross. i was thinking the same way as most of you about this EH shisha, basically, it's a joke, how good can it be? For $35 it better make my life better somehow. i bet it's mediocre at best. (i need to try it before i judge) however, why should i not carry it? there are some folks who will want it, no?
At first I thought no way I will carry this product but after thinking about it over this weekend I am changing my mind.

I don't know much about the brand other than their hats and glasses looked cool for about 5 minutes until all of the suburban moms in my neighborhood started to where them to school while dropping off their kids. I'm not cooler or better than anyone else but it was something I would get a nice chuckle out of.

I guess my 2 points are from a business standpoint I would be dumb not to carry it, just get a bit, not a ton. and Secondly, I know what I smoke and am comfortable with it and I don't force what I like down anyone's throat whether it be a pal or a customer.

my 3 cents,
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