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Default Re: Ed Hardy Shisha...Seriously?

As a former vendor (well, a cafe owner actually) I understand the need to carry what people will and often that is stuff that you don't like that much. However, I expect a vendor to not carry pure crap since I feel best about vendors that carry stuff they know to be good quality even if it doesn't suit them personally. One reason why I respect you as a vendor is that you declined to carry an Indian rig you felt had quality issues even though you thought you could have sold some. Like wise I know that a huge market exists for selling crappy Chinese knock offs of Myas, skull hookahs and pipes for use with illegal stuff yet you don't carry any of that crap because you are decent guy.

I suppose that if some one is foolish enough to pay $35 for SB with a tacky design on the outside the temptation to take advantage of the situation is just too great to pass up so I can't fault anyone for doing so. I know a few people that have bought stuff from Texas Hookah and a they are happy with him plus he's a good HPer and anyone that carries DM is good man as far as I am concerned so I respect him. Personally, i'd say to the stupid kid with too much money "hey, why not have have 2 cans of SB rather then 1 can of SB with a different logo for the same price?" I'd guess the kid would be happy, you'd still have his $35 and everyone gets what they want. Sounds better to me then bilking someone just because I can.

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