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Default Re: How to smoke Nakhla Zaghloul light?

I would asume (never having had it) that you should smoke the same way that I prefer to smoke regular Zaghloul. If it's relatively moist break it up and lightly fill the bowl using the "fluff method". I'd suggest a super chief, funnel with mod or vortex bowl if you can't get a purpose made black moassel bowl. Next, get 4 pieces of a good quality natural coal and wait a good minute after they are fully lighted before putting them on the foil. Next, let it sit for a couple of minutes before drawing.

If it still doesn't smoke well for you i'd add a few more holes to the foil or try adding 5ml worth of glycerin. Note that this sort of stuff won't make a lot smoke compared to the washed fruity stuff that is swimming in glycerin and corn syrup.

If it's dried out just use my standard black moassel set up.
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