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Default Re: Ed Hardy Shisha...Seriously?

I just have an issue because some places market it like its better than the SB that it was rebranded from. My issue isn't because a vendor is carrying it but saying that because of the price tag it is inherently better than the other products that it comes from is just a misleading statement to make.
I don't think its bad tobacco. Its just my cup of tea to begin with and I'm defiantly not going to cough up more money for a dressed up tin. Simply putting a new sticker on it doesn't justify the price difference for me.
I could buy an EH shirt or a shirt from Target. They both serve the same purpose and look different but the price difference is enough to deter me from paying the price.
I also don't think that carrying these products makes a vendor worse. Its just another tobacco. If there were known quality issues(which I have yet to hear about) then I'd be more concerned, but as it stands its just simple capitalism at work.

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