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Originally Posted by squareben View Post
A friend of mine just came back from Egypt, said he saw hookahs for 30 Egyptian, which is basically 3!! He doesnt know about hookahs so I dont know if they were KMs or not but even so... man I wanna go to Egypt...
yeah many hookahs go for 30 EGP, not KMs though. KMs start at 100 EGP

Originally Posted by yehaw4257 View Post
here is a idea i think its called something called oh yea MAIL!
Costs an arm and a leg

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
DHL operates in cairo i believe...use it.

a km is a large pipe to bring in a suitcase, and the glass is fragile....he'd have to put it in the carryon...its very troublesome.
Costs an arm and a leg to send it via DHL. Also, you can't carry on a hookah on a plane due to security concerns. Must be checked in with the luggage. Saw them asking a foreigner to check in the hookah when I was flying back from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo.
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