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Default Let me get this right

I know this thread is long but PLEASE read and help me out, i REALLY need soime help with this stuff

Ok. So ive been doing a bunch or research on how to make your own shisha. Most of the accounts very greatly on the procedure.

however i think ive read enough of them and interpreted it enough so that i can pretty much proceed with making my own.

Tell me if this is the jist of how its done pleasse:

Wash that tobacco, dry it out.

Mix in honey or molasses and glycerine in with your tobacco until its the same consistency of shisha.

You can bake it at a low temp for ten minutes, if you do, dont add the glycerine until after. (i cant figure out what the baking it does?)

Put your mix into an airtight container with whatever it is your going to flavor it with and let it marinate for at least 24 hours.

Ok so that what i get out of the manyt different stories as the main jist of how to do it.

Now i have some questions too:

1. If i wanted to make a coffe flavor, would i use a very strong brewed coffe, or would i used ground up coffee beans?

2. Can i use pretty much whatever i want to flavor it? If wanting to flavor it with fruit should i use real fruit or fruit juice? And if i do use rea4l fruit do i just chop it up into tiny pieces and add it to the tobacco?

3. When using a liquid to flavor it, how do i go about doing that?

4. Can i use cane molasses?

Heres some ideas i have for flavorings:

kiwis and bananas
vanilla extract
green apples

Will these things work?

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