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Default Re: WHAT A TEASE !?

I bought a Hookah in Germany this summer and I had no trouble bringing it into the US.

As a side note, if you want an Egyptian hookah but can't go to Egypt, try looking around in Europe, especially mainland, because they are A LOT cheaper.
For example, the Hookah I bought is about 16-17 inches tall, single hose, made in Egypt, and it was 15 Euros.
They had the same one, a couple of inches taller though, as a double hose for 30 Euros.
Now, I went to a local Hookah Store yesterday and I saw the EXACT same double hose hookah, same color, same drawing on the bowl, etc. for $98.00!

So yea, I'd deffly say it's worth bringing a hookah from Europe too, not only from Egypt.
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