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Default Re: How to smoke Nakhla Zaghloul light?

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
when I say it doesn't smoke I don't mean in compatison to sb or af I mean it literally won't smoke. It could be that I only used 2 CH qls.
Is a black moassel bowl a clay bowl with just one hole?
Is it better to use no foil?
Well if you are getting no smoke be sure to fully break up the moassel, pack as loosely as possible and use 4 pieces of a good natural coal. QL make everything taste worse. Some people like to put the coals right onto the moassel but i've found it makes it harsh and nasty tasting. Go with foil using 4 hole columns of small pin holes placed every 7mm or so. Let the coals sit a couple of minutes before drawing. If you still aren't getting enough smoke mix in 5ml of glycerin into 20g of moassel.

I black moassel bowl is something you can't really get out side of the Middle East or India and the designs very a lot depending upon where you go. Personally I prefer super chief or vortex for black moassel although a funnel with a mod works well.
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