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Default Re: What if we all got a chance to meet and smoke with eachother?

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
oooooh its a chat room. Ok I just now found it. Its under the Group Chat tab and its chat room then scroll down and look for hookah lounge. Just letting everyone know cause it was hard to find cause I was looking for users, not chat rooms. I still think that Hookah Pro should put up a chat room and password protect it so that only hookah pro members can get in. Also proper mod control can keep the chat room under control too. It would be great IMO because its an amazing way to get publicity to Hookah pro because this site needs much more praise for how amazing it is.

FYI I will be on with my cam tomorrow at 4pm eastern time for all interested. Hope to see you guys there.
the thing is though, the mods have lives too and abu ronin, photolinger, dunkel, mrbungle, and sambooka are probably not going to want to do 5 hour shifts every day in a computer chatroom.

if you password protect a chatroom, it's pointless because if i was a non-member, all i would have to do is sign up for HP and get the password.
i could then spam the room, use NHT, show everyone my package, and ruin everything for everyone.

hookahpro is the biggest forum on the internet already. if you compare the number of members and the number of threads and posts to all the other hookah-related forums on the internet, you'll see what i mean.
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