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Originally Posted by Genie View Post
Come again? Where did you read that? I have a lot of it. And it looks like it's plum full of bagasse. They don't put an ingredients list on their website or on their boxes, so I wouldn't bet my life that it's bagasse. But it sure looks like the same stuff that's in Soex (blech), Saalaam (meh), and Black Label (double blech). The very fact that they won't say what's in it tells me that it's highly likely to be bagasse. Same reason, who is it?, Soex?, that uses pig Latin on their boxes to tell you what's in the product. "Ugarcanesay Agassebay" or somesuch. I have a box here somewhere....

I think Hydro is the best herbal out there. My hookah buddy disagrees and prefers Saalaam.

With the Hydro, I like the rose, the double apple, the grape, the mango, and the pineapple (thought that one is very very mild in flavor). Didn't like the orange (it was like smoking an orange soda) or blueberry. Have yet to taste the strawberry or peach, but have them on hand.

As unimpressed as I was by Saalaam's Tiramisu and Spiced Chai, however (I won't even smoke them after having tried them, very flavorful but I don't like either flavor) people I offer it to LOVE them.

So that's my .02.
loool this spiced chai sounds good why does everyone hate it and out of grape, apple, pineapple,mango and rose which do u prefere?
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