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Originally Posted by Genie View Post
I compare herbal shisha and regular shisha to coffee. There's regular, and there's decaf. The tobacco gives shisha a richness that herbal shishas just don't have. Plus, a lot of people love the buzz of regular shisha and the herbals don't give you that.

Another thing is that some people are more sensitive to the amount of glycerin used in the herbal shishas and find it to be an unpleasant taste.

It really just depends on your own tastes. If you like it, smoke it!

I like to blend the herbals with regular shishas to mellow them out a bit or to enhance a flavor.

Rose is my favorite. But people seem to either love rose or hate it. It's strong and floral. I think their grape is pretty good, I prefer it over the double apple. But others feel opposite. Tastes are just so different. What everybody else absolutely loves may be something you hate. It's pretty cheap as shisha goes and is often sold in five and ten packs as well as individual packs, as I recall.

Oh, they also have a Java flavor. I didn't like it but I don't like coffee. Their java flavor is like smoking coffee with cream and sugar in it. Very flavorful. But if I have to drink coffee, I want it black, so smoking coffee with cream and sugar in it was not my thing.
i see lol, i cant find any regular tobaco like nakhla or al fakher to buy in the uk using my Visa card... thats why i was asking...

i loveeeee tea, and like coffee with cream and i sure like my suger... so i think im going to try java thanks for the info.

grape is my thing thats is for sure... i dont think i would like rose... NO BUZZ FROM HERBALS?! NOOO QQ.

thanks for the info brudda

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