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Default Re: Oh well, new coals?

Originally Posted by Dunkel
Originally Posted by sammniamii
Originally Posted by iamscott06
Does anyone know if these coals can be put out with water then used again later like Smileys CoCo Coals? That was def one of the sweet things about Smileys. Load a bowl, smoke for like 10-15 minutes then your like .. "ahh i forgot to pick *blank* up!!" .. put the coals out, let dry, use when you get back
Don't know, as the site doesn't say anything about the "re-usability" of the coals. But you can bet your bum that I will try one and see what happens. I thought I would have liked that part about the Smiley coals, but I almost ALWAYS forgot to remove said coal from the water AFTERWARDS. Turned into a brown mushy mess :P

BUT if the coal produces enough heat that I only have to use 1 coal per bowl (or atleast 1 per 50/60mins) my main goal will be ochieved.
"ochieved" Is that a womens phrase? Part Oprah and part achieved, or maybe it's part orgasm and part achieved? LOL Enquiring minds you know
No, it's called my happy bum couldn't speel to save her life and work won't let me download Foxfire You only wished Dunkel - LOL
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