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You guys don't get. The FDA now has the right to control all aspects of the production and sale of all tobacco products in U.S. Apparently none of you guys have ever had to deal with the FDA so i'm betting you don't understand that meeting the regulatory requirements in which you have to prove something is safe rather then someone else having to prove other wise does to the cost of products. What the FDA does is drive up the cost of making food and beverages radically meaning that those industries are dominated by a handful of huge companies.

While it's true the justification for the legislation was banning evil flaoured cigarettes because they need to "save the children" the bottom line is that all tobacco products will now have to undergo expensive, complicated, time consuming bureaucratic review by people that hate tobacco and think you shouldn't have access to it. What this means is that a lot of tobacco products will banned (like cloves and many flavoured cigarettes have been already) and flavoured cigars (Drew Estate/Acid etc) are next. Since the anti-tobacco lobby already knows about hates narghiles it's a safe bet that they are next.

Time to stock up and start learning about how to make your own moassel.
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