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plans that rely on hope arn't very good at success really. Hoping this won't effect you isn't going to get anyone anywhere, when asked about this, if you believe its wrong, says its wrong! you are allowed to have dissenting opinions. You are allowed to think if something is right or wrong.

Look this is what i do...

I think this is wrong. Is tobacco bad for you, yes. Should it be held up to being truthful about what it is, yes. Should I be allowed to make the choice if i want to use this product? YES. Freedom means being able to make the choice to do something that someone else may view is highly stupid. I think believing in a supernatural being that judges every minute of your day to send you to mind bogglingly happy bliss, or a torrent of fire and pain, as DUMB. And I'm allowed that opnion. However IF i was asked to support a law that made belief in any religion illegal, I couldn't support it. And trust me, there would be A LOT of people that would get out and voice there opinions about that.(Hence why I chose that example.) You should be allowed to make your own choices in life. To choose what people can and can't do with there life is morally presumptuous. That's what I believe and that apply's to all aspects of my life. SO can i make the choice for someone else about tobacco, NO. They need the freedom to make that choice for themselves. Any law that "protects people from themselves" takes that choice from the individual, and gives it to someone else.

this BTW is a response to "Yea this bill is pretty scary, I mean it could go either way .. for us or against us. I guess we'll just have to hope for the best. And hopefully some one will post a "open source" tobacco recipe."

I can understand being undecided, but if your smoking, and you wish to keep smoking, i would think this would give you more of an opnion than to hope for the best!
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