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Default Re: Obama Signed it

Hajo, some are either not concerned enough or maybe too young to remember all the things the FDA has screwed up for the country. They also don't really understand the economics of it or the rights that should not be infringed upon.

Too many are willing to say "well they have protected us" or "they are only looking out for our well being" not realizing that this type of reasoning will have them in a totalitarian state in a few years. Then they will wish they had done something now instead of believing all the governmental lies.

Not meaning to offend anyone......

As for me and the wife we are getting ready to start growing our own tobacco this next fall and stocking up on enough to get us through. BTW let the gevernment try to confiscate my tobacco, and yes it is coming, there will be a fight they won't soon forget.

"From my cold dead hands" - Charlton Heston

Madwolf I agree with everything you said. You are right on target.

At my age being cynical and sarcastic is just making small talk.

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