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Default Re: Obama Signed it

I don't understand it either Hajo. And I definitely agree with madwolf about choice, I smoke because I want to smoke not because I'm addicted or think it's cool.

You're probably not aware (since you don't live here in the USA I mean) but pretty much every commercial break on TV there's an anti-tobacco ad in your face. There's more anti-tobacco ads than drug/alcohol warnings if I had to guess! Sheesh!

Seems like this could hurt the economy too seeing as how we produce so much tobacco here. Tobacco farmers are kind of screwed already though with having to pay ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS fees and get a permit just to grow a crop.

And in the end it it really comes down to their ability to take away some of our free will. If I wanted to quit I'd freakin quit, it's not as hard as people pretend it is. (Not for me anyway.)
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