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Default Re: Obama Signed it

I feel that they should focus more on educating minors that banning the product. Put the truth out there and let each person make their own decision. If a 16 year chooses to smoke or use tobacco in general, not that I'm advocating minors using tobacco, so be it. Its a decision they made, the information is out there that tobacco use is detrimental to your health this is something that is beat into your brain here in the US from the time you enter school, and they will have to deal with the repercussions of that decision later in life. I personally never used tobacco until I was 18 but then I started going to hookah cafes and I found it to be something I enjoy as well as the occasional cigar, I did this knowing that smoking is bad for you but is something I enjoy to relax and socialize. I don't smoke cigarettes, never will either, they smell like asshole to me. Banning any kind of substance doesn't work, look at the success of the "War on Drugs". If you want a better example look at alcohol, just because the drinking age is 21 doesn't mean people underage aren't drinking. Its the taboo effect, when your prohibited from obtaining something, it adds to the excitement of having it or obtaining it. Banning flavored tobacco isn't solving anything and its just making Philip Morris look like a champion in the anti-youth smoking campaign by supporting the bill all the while eliminating negligible but present competition, since when have you seen a teenager smoking flavored or kreteks the retail for $8-9 a pack. Its a Marlboro ( Philip Morris...weird) or some other brand that is in their hand. Teenage smokers leads to adult smokers which is exactly what big tobacco wants, limit the competion and hook them on a brand. Shisha is one of the most natural tobacco products available next to cigars and its a hobby that you need special equipment, which isn't exactly cheap, that can only be found at a cigarshop or online, both are places that would be cautious to selling to anyone under the age of 18. Just my 5 cents, I've done enough ranting for the past few weeks. I'm getting off my soapbox for now and sitting down to pack a bowl and relax...
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