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Ok, heres my general take on the entire bill :

As it stands the bill allows the FDA to regulate the production, sale, and informational release of tobacco products.

This bill extends beyond "Cigarettes" and encompases the entire tobacco manufacture, distribution, and sale process in the United States.

One of the main concerns is that for decades, Tobacco companies that market cigarettes have gone to extreme means to hide additives, health risks, and unfavorable research into the cigarette industry.

The bills main focus is the provide full disclosure of all natural and artificial additives to tobacco products, as well as regulate and remove those found to be extreme health risks (such as ammonia in "light" cigarettes) as well as remove the branding labels of Light and Mild cigarettes in such a fashion that downplays the negative health impact of smoking.

Overall it seems to be more of a public awareness of ingredients in products, as well as a chance to reduce the impact of underage smoking.

For the Narghile community, with the exception of herbal shisha manufacturers, every company willingly displays what goes into their products, be it tobacco, molasses, glycerin, tar content, nicotine levels, and flavoring additives.

Companies like Hookah Hookah, Starbuzz, Nakhla, JM, ect. dont hide their product information from the general public or the government. This gives them a favorable position in the implementation of this bill.

The tax revenue generated from tobacco products is highly beneficial and valuable to government funding as well, so I dont see a total ban of tobacco products coming to terms any time soon.

I think the hookah community will need to sit on this and see the actual outcome before making assumptions as to what will happen, especially as the 18-25 demographic is of high interest to the government for voting and policy acceptance, and also lies as the fastest growing demographic in the narghile community.

We shall have to wait and see, my fellow HPers.
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