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The FDA does very little to "regulate and control what you do" actually. Most of whats come out of the FDA has been incredibly positive.

The reason it takes decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to approve drugs is because it takes decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to actually understand the long term effects of new medicines. The reason your drugs cost so much is because of medical advertising on TV, in Magazines, and on the Radio. There are plenty of generic non-branded drugs that have the EXACT same benefits of name brand products that you can get for less than $5 for a month, or longer, prescription wise, people spend insane amounts of money on medicine because they choose name brands over generics, and they choose name brands because thats what the television tells them to take. Don't fool yourself about medical costs, most of it comes from advertising and people doing what the television tells them, rather than taking the initiative to do research. Many medical practitioners recommend generic brand drugs to patients, and they're willingly declined because "The TV Told me I need Zyrtec"

pharmaceuticals spend 10x the amount of money on Advertising that they do on R&D. Not only that, the FDA is responsible for continuing to monitor products on the market past their initial release so that companies dont alter their medical treatments in anyway after approval.

However, digressing from the topic at hand, lets move away from what encompasses the vast majority of medical costs, since thats another issue.

The reason that surgical implements take long periods of time is to make sure they're medically safe.

The reason they've been given blanket rule over tobacco is because major tobacco industry companies have made it far more unsafe than the natural plant.

You'll notice if you lurk around the chatbox Im extremely anti-big government and value my personal rights extremely and am quite vocal about said rights, however I dont see this being a bad thing until it actually becomes an issue for the hookah community.

Pardon me for not breaking out my tinfoil hat and worrying about the government conspiracy to remove the pleasures from my life, but until the FDA actually takes this too far, Im not going to be concerned about it.

The administration has an excellent track record compared to most government agencies, lets find out if they use it the wrong way before we start pointing fingers.

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