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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
You obviously have never had to deal with the FDA professionally or else you wouldn't have said that. I could give you a million horror stories about companies that went bankrupt trying to get stuff approved by the FDA that had been approved in Europa for a decade or more with no ill effect. Obviously the FDA is needed and a lot of the regulations are sound. Still, America has far more problems with food safety on a per capita basis then most industrial nations. If you are interested I could see if I still have the studies to that effect but it will take a lot of rummaging to find out out since I haven't used those texts in years.

By the way, the tinfoil comment is insulting given that I have more experience dealing with the FDA (and organizations like it in other countries) then likely anyone here. That is what I do for living and i've been doing it for about 15 years now. When you get the level of experience I have i'd love to hear you defend the FDA. I also have a lot of first hand experiences with getting surgical tools and drugs approved since I used to get paid to consult on those matters and i'd guess you can't say the same.

I don't buy the the claim "The reason they've been given blanket rule over tobacco is because major tobacco industry companies have made it far more unsafe than the natural plant." The reason being is that tobacco research is highly politicized and of poor quality not to mention that like any politically charged topic who did what and what it's impact was public health is hardly a simple matter to decide.
Im not here to start a forum war, so I'll just make this final comment and bow out of the thread.

I don't know you, what you do, who you are, ect. I wasn't pointing at you directly with the tin foil hat, though if you took it that way, it wasnt meant to be.

There are plenty of people on the internet who argue one stance or another claiming "personal perspective", "this is what I do", "Im in this situation all the time and get paid for it" ect.

Im not asking for proof of your job, or proof that you deal with the FDA "professionally", and aside from pointing out that your "nobody here probably deals with the FDA like I do" comment looks incredibly narrow minded and self-inflating, I'll just kindly leave my stance as "this is my opinion" based on my own personal research, experiences, and involvement.

When this bill becomes an issue for hookah tobacco, then we have a new fight to stand up against.


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