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Originally Posted by hookahman1988 View Post
I don't know if this is off topic with the thread but in a way it does relate in the way its a higher power trying to force people to think and act a certain way. This week is freshman orientation at Pitt, on the desk of every incoming freshman, the school put a pamphlet warning about the dangers of smoking hookah specifically, citing that a session of smoking hookah is like chain smoking 15 cigarettes in a row. You try doing both of these and see what the outcome of each is. Now everyone knows smoking isn't healthy but by the school doing this and singling out hookah makes me feel like they think I'm a bad person for doing something I enjoy.
Most likely you'll find that the school agreed to distribute those as part of the local "Anti Tobacco Club" on campus. If you really want to do your part to help the hookah community, write or in person contact your school officials, explain the lack of serious scientific studies regarding hookah, and even invite a few of them down to the local bar.

In no way shape or form should the student body allow the administration to circulate falsified documentation that gives out misinformation.
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