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Panic is not what we want/need here, but I do believe that this could be an issue for hookah tobacco products in the long run. While there may be requirements in this bill that state that tobacco cannot have anise, honey or glycerin, I think that it will lead to another problem with hookah tobacco. Currently, there is not a truly large market for hookah products in the good 'ol USofA in comparison to big tobacco. Seeing as the majority of hookah tobacco is produced offshore, can we expect foreign producers to perform all of the necessary work to meet FDA standards? That is if they do not ban shisha tobacco in general. This is an interesting bill. It does not truly want to ban all products, but merely show what ingredients go in so that people can make a decision if they want it any more or less. "Light" and "mild" names may disappear, but the same style of cigarretes will still be around. If hookah manufacturers see fit to make an ingredients list, then we may still be able to purchase our beloved tobacco. Until then, I do see myself purchasing a few kilos to be safe.
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