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Default Re: Obama Signed it

when i read it, it looked that it was totally restricted to cigs as to the banned stuff. i really doubt there will be much attack on flavored cigars which i think will get hit well before shisha does (honestly walk down the street and ask people if they know what a hookah is or what a cigar is, i bet 99.9% will know what a cigar is but i bet a large number of people, especially older individuals, wont know what a hookah is)

i think its stupid to take out "light" and "mild" but what ever, but the flavored tobacco thing is what i have issues with, all the studies seem to point that very few teens smoke flavored cigs (and honestly it might be because they were not easy to get because when i smoked i know i sure wanted to try them but never could find them).

i am very glad though there is a chemical disclosure because i personally believe its the additives that cause/increase most of the issues with people (addiction, illness, etc) and with them now being in the public eye i think we might get a more natural cig

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