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Default Re: Obama Signed it

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i got way to much heat today to read all the stuff really but i just remembered something i forgot to say.

ok, lets be real here, Philip Morris has a HUGE hand in congress, between lobbyists and probably bribes and the like, how many flavored cigs does PM make i dont remember them doing it. now RJ Reynolds and djarum on the other hand have or still do. PM wont have to change much if anything in the short term where as djarum is kicked out of the states and when the bill originally started to get pushed in (almost 10 years ago) camel was pumping out a crap load of flavored cigs. so really the bill was probably more about killing competition for some parties involved.

once(IF) the flavored tobacco expands to other things there is going to be a huge issue, some cigar smokers will freak out (a lot of big cigar smokers have money, the question is how many of the high rollers smoke flavored/infused cigars) , then you have chewing tobacco... and come on, its a more rural/southern thing to dip and of course its more common for those people to own firearms, how many people in congress really want to piss off gun owners any more

as to hookah i still just think its a super small % of tobacco and really its not hitting a lot into companies like PM and also the "culture" card could be played a bit and probably prevent it from getting messed with

I wonder what the implications on the US relationship with Indonesia will be by shutting out a product that is one of their largest exports to one of their bigger markets? I saw a few articles about this in the news a few weeks ago when this bill was gaining the momentum to be passed.
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