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Default Re: Friend going to Turkey sometime soon

I was in Turkey earlier this year. I saw, and smoked, some really sweet hookahs while I was there. There are alot of hookahs for sale that are for "presentation only", and not so much for smoking. Her best bet would be to talk to some people at the hookah lounges, they will be able to show her what to get and where to get it.

If a hookah is too expensive, get a Turkish hose for your KM. A couple of places I smoked there, the hoses were HUGE. The stiff "stick" part of the hose, where the mouth piece fits, must have been 3 feet long and covered in velvet. They were some sweet hoses, they were probably my favorite part of smoking there.

As for tobacco, since you can get Nahkla here, I would get some local Turkish tobacco, Serbetli I think it is called.
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