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Default The Nammor hose hype?

Hello everyone!

So, a couple of weeks ago i received my new big order (KM Tri-Metal, Mya Bambino, Nammor hose, phunnel bowls, loads of shisha and etc.)

My first smoke on the KM, i decided to try the KM hose that came with it (nothing fancy KM ultra hose or w/e its called, just a pretty standard hose), just to get a 100 KM feel, if you know what i mean :P

Anyways, a few sessions with using the KM hose, i decided to try out the wonderful blue Nammor hose that came with it.. Plugged it in, took a draw.. And noticed something wasnt the way it was supposed to be.

The pull is VERY restricted compared to the KM hose, pretty much comparable to the standard mya hose that came with the bambino.

I immediately contacted the place where i bought it, and explained them my problem. They were very sorry, and assumed there was a fault with it (as i did) and send me a replacement hose.


Today i just received the hose, i was very much looking forward to it, as i've heard so much good about them... First draw i took.. AND THE PULL WAS RESTRICTED AGAIN!

I know there isnt a fault with this one, cause i got the person from the company to check it out himself, while i was talking with him.

Are Nammor hoses really supposed to have this restricted flow? I've heard so much good about them, which is why this really confuses me :S
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